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Welcome to Fashion


I want to welcome you to my school; my name is Ms. Chavez. Some of you might remember me by now because I may have been the teacher that tested you or saw your portfolio when you first came to Fashion to audition. It was nice meeting you, it genuinely was although I might not remember everyone, I know I will get a chance to see you again.

I wanted to take a couple of minutes to write to you. I feel that you can get to know a lot about anyone or anything if you communicate through the written word. It sticks around longer than the spoken word.

I want you to notice that I wrote ‘my school’. I wrote ‘welcome to my school’. That is very important because along with it being the place where I work, it is where I went to school. Yes, Fashion High was also my high school. I survived the same four years you will face. And looking back now, I want to share them with you, in hopes that my experiences can serve as a ‘Do’s and Dont’s’ that could assist you with the days you will live when you enter our building.

I have come to realize that when you are better informed, and put the information to good use then SUCCESS can be guaranteed.

And after having chosen us as your school, I wholeheartedly believe that is your future.


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  1. Hello Ms. Chavez,
    My daughter Bri’a Smalls is a new freshmen starting on Monday. She’s nervous and excited at the same time about starting such a big school and perusing her dreams. I reached out to you about the class in which she should report to Monday morning as well as the exact time she should be there. My apologies if I’m overlooking something but I’ve read through the blog and although I understand how she will function day to day, am I missing the part that says where she should report. And the time. For now I’m going with 8:10am.

    1. Hello Ms. Govantes,
      I just looked up her Official Period class and its 3S9. With this information, click on the ‘Official Class’ Link and this will advise her as to what room to report to 9a.m. Monday morning.
      Hope this was helpful! Am equally excited for her!

      1. I wanted to ask, how much are the school gym uniforms and how much is it to purchase a locker for my daughter Raquel? Didn’t see that information anywhere on the HSFI website. Any information will be helpful. Thank you!

      2. Thank you Ms. Paredes for that inquiry. I know other parents will want to know about the same topic therefore I included it as a tidbit in the blog! Dont worry! Its all under control.

      3. Thanks so much Ms. Chavez I don’t know who’s more nervous and excited me or her. Lol
        Much appreciated 🙂

  2. Thanks Ms. Chavez for the info, I’m looking forward to start my new journey at Fashion industries,
    I’m a little nervous but more so excited.

  3. Ms.Chaves thanks for the lovley intro i hope we can have a better relationship in the future. i was wondering if we would have an advisor. to help us along the way.

    1. Welcome Cydnee, You will find the information you need in the following Blog Post: Important Information for Parents and Students – Make sure to click on the links and look under your Official Class 3S9 – Hope this helps!

    2. Hello Cyndee!! Of course!! Are you kidding?? Do you believe for a minute that you were alone in all this?? You will have a counselor that will be equipped to answer all of your concerns and other professionals that you can count on for support! Including Me! See you soon!

  4. Thank you Ms. Chavez! My daughter Legacy Perrin will be coming in as a 9th Grade student. As a employee of the Department of Education, I have always heard so many wonderful things about Fashion and it is an honor for my daughter to be attending! Legacy is so excited!

    1. Thank You Ms. Daniels for the kind words. We at Fashion strive continuously to maintain our reputation as an outstanding school. We welcome Legacy with open arms and trust she will supercede her name and continue her legacy here at Fashion.

  5. My daughter Kaitlyn just graduated from Fashion. I have another daughter Jazsmin who will be a Sophomore this school year and now my youngest daughter Emily will be attending as well.

    1. Amazing!! Thank you Ms. Martinez for that bit of information! I hope your daughters are satisfied with their education thus far. I am very happy to read that Kaitlyn graduated and am more than confident that THAT WILL be the same for your other girls! Very Proud!

      1. Hello ms Chavez, I have been expecting to receive the postcard with my daughters Official Class in the mail and I have not. I have looked at the links u posted but don’t c it. Where else can I find it?

      2. Hello Ms. Martinez, I apologize for that. You are not alone in this, somehow we are having a bit of trouble with the ‘sending’ of those postcards. But I did look up Emily’s OP, she’ll be surprised to know there’s another Emily Martinez! I almost gave the wrong info, but I am 100% sure its 3W9! Thank you for your patience and see her soon!

  6. This is great information. My daughter Jazlyn Rodriguez is very nervous and this has put her more at ease. Thank you and we look forward to starting a new adventure.

  7. My daughter, Raquel Nunez, will begin the 9th grade in September. It’s surreal that she will spend the next 4 years at Fashion Industries. Looking forward to meeting you. Sincerely Jayra Paredes

    1. Thank you for your time Ms. Paredes, it is absolutely invaluable! I look forward to meeting Raquel! If I do not have the pleasure of having her on my roster, I will always welcome her to my room(727) or office(201), should she have any questions. These four years will fly and they will be everything Raquel will make them. It is our mission for them to be the best four years of her young life. See you soon.

      1. Happy to say that Raquel Nunez graduated from Fashion in 2017 and is starting her sophomore year at Brooklyn College! Time sure does fly! Thank you to all who made those 4 years so easy!!!

  8. thank you on behalf of my daughter Bonnie Lynch who will be beginning 9th grade with you, for this lovely back to school welcome. We do have one question; school begins at 9:00 a.m. on the first day??
    thanks, Phyllis

    1. Good afternoon Ms. Calistro,

      Thank you for your participation. Students success increases when parents take an active role in their studies. I can’t thank you enough! I welcome Bonnie to read the post titled ‘First Day of School’, it offers specific instructions for their first day as well as helpful tips.

      Thank you again,

      Ms. Chavez

      1. OK thanks. i believe she did read it–we just wanted to make sure the 9:00 a.m. start time was not a mistake. Although Bonnie is quite nervous, she looks forward to starting her HS experience soon!

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