Month: October 2014

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Florence University of the Arts, making Italy a reality

When speaking of Back-Packing through Europe, itĀ seems like it can only be a reality for some and I have made it my personal mission to encourage our students to believe that ANYTHING can be their reality, they only have to WANT IT BAD ENOUGH and of course WORK HARD FOR IT. In my travels abroad I have had the wonderful destined privilege of crossing paths with amazing people and one…

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Fashion High goes to the White House

The HIGH SCHOOL of FASHION INDUSTRIES along with other Fashion Curriculum Based High Schools from around the United States were invited Wednesday, October 8th to the WHITE HOUSE, by first Lady Michelle Obama. The Fashion Education Workshop included prominent figures of the Fashion Industry, such as ANNA WINTOUR, Editor in Chief of VOGUE Designers such as Diane Von Furstenberg Liliana Vasquez Zac Posen & Jason Wu. It has been a…