Month: October 2016

Posted on: October 28, 2016 Posted by: Rosa Isabel Chavez Comments: 0

Passing it ON..

This year marks our 3rd time in Florence.. Our students have invested their summers with Florence University of the Arts studying courses such as Florence Sketchbook, Italian Food & Wine, Italian Language, Retail and Hospitality.. This past summer three of our students were able to go thanks to FUA’s generosity. Their scholarship opportunities gave them the chance to have their ‘impossible’ turn into ‘possible’ and along with 7 other young…

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When you DON’T give them the Answer

When you want to know something, anything, you don’t wait for the answer to be handed to you..  You do what you must to obtain the answer. A question was posed and the tools were given; the students were challenged and work towards finding the ANSWER TOGETHER HOW TO CREATE A PAPER PATTERN FOR A BASIC SKIRT DRAPE, USING THE DATA GATHERED