The Curvy Lab

Seniors 2021


Our Seniors in this specialization take an in depth look at how the industry they are studying must redefine beauty and genuinely begin inclusivity to bring every BODY together

M/Th Class:
Avani Bodden, Tommy Fernandez, Khalia Foy, Gaella Guervil, Sincere Khan, Tatiana Mata Diaz, Dana Rae Newton, Geraldine Ortega, Jayson Padilla, Crystal Sanchez

T/F Class:
Anika Campbell Ambris, Jasmine Dogan, Stephanie Giraldo De Abreu, Aziza Hardison, Iasia Henderson, Amy Kane, Isabella Lillo, Tatyana Melvin, Alexandra Muniz, Kayla Santos

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Fashion Studio – Class of 2020

Senior’s Virtual Showcase
A compilation of all students contribution to create our end of the year digital production in lieu of the fashion show

4 years cannot be summed up in 5 minutes therefore we could not nor did not try. Instead each of us submitted a blink of what we did in our too short of a year..  This year will remain in history because of a virus that kept us apart and because of the long overdue fight for justice and peace that brought us together.  This video is a love letter that unlike those that can be unfolded to be reread when feeling nostalgic, we’ll simply press ‘play’, and remind us of who we were when we were seniors in 2020.

May you have a Wonderful life – Ms. Chavez

Class Roster:

Deinma Abel, Symphony Archibold, Jashley Cabrera, Layla Conyers, Britney Elvir, Eunice Escamilla, Bryanna Farrell, Michelle Flores, Anais Garcia, Kiana Hall, Amner Kalandarov, Sonam Karma, Diana Laureano,Yuqing Lin, Shalamar Mercharles, Melannie Nunez, Taemi Penick Gaskins, Amilta Perez, Siara Playfair, Franchesca Reyes, Emily Saloman, Shaw Denahli, Kelli Smith, Tiana Tayo, Kaiya Thomas and Sharnice Walker

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SuiGeneris Class of 2019
Collaboration with Photoville

SuiGeneris Class of 2018
Fashion Show

SuiGeneris 2018 – Team Project