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Junior Lessons

  • Slopers to Download
  • Preparing your Half Scale Slopers
  • Understanding the 1/2 Scale Sloper against the 1/2 Scale Form
  • Remembering Grainlines
  • Feeling the Grains – Grainlines
  • Grainlines Sample
  • Starting the Basic Skirt
  • Four Gore DRAFT
  • Sarong Skirt DRAFT
  • Turning the Sarong DRAFT into a PATTERN
  • Yoke Skirt with Gathers DRAFT
  • Yoke Skirt with Gathers DRAFT to PATTERN
  • The Basic Bodice
  • Stylized Princess Bodice from DRAFT to PATTERN
  • Slash & Spread – Dart Manipulation
  • Princess Line Bodice DRAFT – How to Begin
  • Princess Draft to Pattern Part 1
  • Princess Draft to Pattern Part 2
  • Completing the Princess Pattern Part 3

Senior Lessons

  • Draping Demonstration on a 1/2 Scale
  • Draping the Peg Skirt
  • Jean Jacket Style Pattern Project – Part 1
  • Jean Jacket Style Pattern – Part 2 – Sleeve
  • Jean Jacket Style Pattern – Part 3 – Convertible Collar
  • Jean Jacket Style – Facing Pattern
  • Checking your pattern – Jacket
  • Drafting the Victorian Princess Denim Jacket
  • Victorian Princess Denim Jacket Bodice DRAFT to PATTERN
  • Victorian Denim Jacket COLLAR
  • Victorian Denim Jacket SLEEVE – DRAFT and PATTERN