The First Day of School

I can bet any amount of money that every one of you is carefully thinking about ‘What will I wear the first day of school?’

What can I possibly sport that can make me stand out? Make me look unique? Show the rest of my classmates and/or upper class men (sophomores, juniors) that I have style and know about Fashion?

Coordination is key. What colors? What Top? Belt or no belt? Sneakers or ballerinas? Hair Up or Blown-out? So many decisions to make and the clock is ticking.

Now aside from coordination, one really important skill you can develop is preparation. The ability to prepare yourself for anything will make you invaluable. Preparing yourself physically doesn’t only assist you with feeling good about yourself, it also has a positive effect on your success. The term ‘Dress for Success‘ comes from a well known book from the seventies that goes in depth about this topic.

So speaking of Preparation, arrive PUNCTUALLY at 9:00 a.m. and report to your Official Class (Homeroom) on Monday, September 9th. You will remain in your Official class till 9:40 then follow a Regular Bell schedule *click on class schedules below* starting with 3rd Period.
You will receive word on what is your Official Class by the end of August. This is a full day of school and you will receive your program cards (class schedules that inform you of what room you must go to according to subject and time period) as well as your Metro Cards for the semester.

Remember to bring on your FIRST DAY OF CLASS:

  • Your beautifully dressed self with a big smile, a full belly and ready to take on the day
  • The yellow Envelope that contains all of the Admissions Documents. They need to be completed and signed by your Parent/Guardian – This envelope was within the folder that was given to you at Orientation or mailed to you.
  • A bookbag, backpack or large purse with an 8 1/2″ x 11″ notebook and pen/pencil for writing down important information that will be given to you
  • A supply list was also included in the folder given, please refer to that list for additional supplies

Your parents have probably purchased supplies already and it’s o.k. but if they haven’t its also o.k. Its best to be informed by your teachers as to what you will need right away and what can wait to be purchased. Also depending on your major, there will be specific items that you will need to purchase, therefore there is still time.

Lastly, I must write that in a perfect world, the kind of world I wish existed, every one of you could have everything you wanted (provided you deserved and worked hard for it) and had the means to have the latest in fashion and come dressed to the nines your first day of school. But as someone that was raised by a single grandmother on welfare, I, personally know that not everyone has that opportunity. So I concentrated on what really mattered and focused on the genuine purpose of school, my education. Not that I wouldn’t have done so anyway. My grandmother was very strict about my studies, therefore really had no choice and today I thank her for that. She taught me to judge someone not by what they wore but by how they treated me, themselves and everyone else.

“Hold dear to your parents for it is a scary and confusing world without them.”
― Emily Dickinson




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