Are the Best things in Life Free?

You’ve probably heard the saying or even heard the song ‘The Best things in Life are Free’ by Janet Jackson and Luther Vandross back in 1992.. well maybe not, but maybe your parents have. If you haven’t, I suggest it, its pretty cool.

What does the saying suggest?

What are the Best things in Life?

Are they really Free?

If you count Love, you could be right. If you count Loyalty, you could be right. If you count Friendship, you could be right. Or maybe not?

When we speak of Love, like the love your parents feel for you, that is certainly free. They love you unconditionally, no strings attached. There is nothing you must do in order to have that from them, therefore it is free. I bet there is nothing they wouldn’t do for you, if they could. I can confirm my grandma loves me this way; she’s certainly the best thing in my life.

What about Loyalty? Is that free? Are you loyal to people just to be loyal? Or are you loyal only to those that are loyal to you? Would you then conclude that your loyalty is NOT free? I can say that I am loyal at first, with everyone. If after a while I feel I can trust you, then my loyalty is yours. After many life lessons I trade loyalty for trust, making it NOT free.

Now think about your friendships. Would your friends remain your friends if they didn’t show they loved you or were loyal to you? Would you remain friends with others if they couldn’t trust you or if you betrayed their trust. In friendships as in all relationships their must be an equal reciprocity. Just as you would want a friend to love you, care about you, confide in you, trust you and be loyal to you, it is only right that you be the same to them.  All of this work that goes into maintaining a friend! That sounds like a lot of work! Which makes it NOT free.

So whats the conclusion?

That aside from Love, irrefutably the one best thing in life that is free, everything else requires work. Other things in life such as loyalty and trust and good friends need your constant care and attention. If you want to have it, you’re going to have to work at it.

And what would be the best thing in H.S. Life? Good Grades!! And yes guys, this too is not free.

Good grades need constant care and attention!

Look at it this way – Neglect your grades and do nothing (FREE) will equal Failing grades YET Care for your grades and apply hard work (NOT FREE) will equal Good grades.

After all, why be lax about the one thing that can get you into the college or university that can lead you to the career of your dreams??

                … and also make yourself and your parents proud. It will be like paying them back for all of their hard work and Love. Hmm.. does that mean Love isn’t free?




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