Fashion High gets an ‘A’ on its Report Card!

I know the anxiety one can feel before getting a report card. I remember when I was a student at Fashion High, even when I did my best, I would doubt myself and think I did badly. Yet when my report came in and I saw my passing grades, I was all smiles. It still happens today. I am still in school because I want to finish my Masters Degree and even when I do my best on a project, I get nervous before I get that email from my professor letting me know how I did… And after all of the hard work, I earn my A!

It is different when you’re working hard all on your own and in the end you receive that passing grade. You feel so good BECAUSE you did it all on your own. You have no one to thank but yourself and it lets you know that you are capable of that and so much more. One good grade can become a motivator and push you to achieve more. Imagine when you’re a part of something Bigger and you all do good?

You are!

You’re high school, High School of Fashion Industries

just earned its SEVENTH Yearly ‘A’ in a row on its report card!

When all other schools are not doing well and some are even under the risk of closing down, our school is doing splendidly. And we, wholeheartedly believe that ALL OF US did it TOGETHER! The teachers, the parents, the staff, you, our students and of course our Principal, Mr. Blank are working simultaneously to maintain our EXTRAORDINARY REPUTATION of an ‘A’ School. The feeling of achievement is so much greater because we ALL did our part. And now after all of our hard work, we have our well deserved ‘A’, and we must continue and work even harder! It may be the seventh but it’s only the beginning!

Lets Keep Up the Great Work!!


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