Learning to Critique – Peer Evaluation

I tend to teach my student INDEPENDENCE.

The majority of them are already, yet when it comes to trusting their knowledge, they tend to call on me – (hands up) Ms. CHAVEZ!! Can you help me?

I sometimes joke I should change my name, from the constant repetition

Ms. CHAvez – Ms. CHAVEZ – Ms. ChaVEZ.

Ladies! I interject, trust what you have learned. You can’t go around questioning yourselves. You must learn to be your own judge and jury.

Learn to be constructively critical and develop an eye that can detect what is wrong without anyone else having to tell you.

This is Independence, the ability to make and learn from your mistakes.

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DO: Develop your critical eye

DO: Learn from your mistakes

1 thought on “Learning to Critique – Peer Evaluation

  1. A . Trottman says:

    Why can’t teachers just teach. Independence will come when they get a job.


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