Instruction Via Video

As our distance learning starts in less then 2 days, ORDER will be needed to keep us on track. A new routine must be put in place and new habits must be created to come out of this successfully!

My thoughts and prayers go out to the parents that must juggle their multiple obligations along with now being primary educator, talk about being a ‘partner in learning’! May your children put into practice all of the good upbringing given to them till we get them back in the classroom!

Here goes:

1st – Good Work Space

2nd – Necessary Tools

3 – Preparing Half Scale Slopers

4 – Mind the Darts and Notches

5 – Slopers VS. Dressform

6 – How to access and use Google Hangout

7 – How to straighten a skirt

Stay Tuned for more in upcoming Blog posts!


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