Life of a Stylist

Remote Learning Assignment:

Gauge your ability to dress appropriately for the occasion using your wardrobe to create different looks and document it in a Google Slide.

This is basically the professional role of a stylist, serving their customers by combining separates and accessorizing that best fit their body.
Create 5 different looks for 5 SEPARATE occasions. Each look will be on ONE slide.
On each side, include the following:
– The occasion you are dressing for – EX: Night on the town, Sunday Brunch, Party at the Club, Hangout with Friends, etc.
– 1 example (image) researched from the net that BEST FITS the occasion
– Image(s) of YOUR LOOK put together using YOUR wardrobe pieces, accessories, etc.
– TEXT describing the occasion and the look you put together
– Last slide will be bibliography of images

And OF COURSE LEAD BY EXAMPLE – Ms. Chavez as a stylist

And here are the results:

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My students are AMAZING!!

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