Starting with the BASIC SKIRT

Our first project in THIRD YEAR FASHION DESIGN is the Basic Skirt..

Traditionally it is done on the dressform, using style tape, pins, scissor, and muslin but thanks to Rona we are focusing on the other form of patternmaking … FLAT PATTERN

Flat pattern requires the use of SLOPERS, pattern paper, pencils, ruler, scissors, pins, french curve, eraser and sharpener..

What do we need?

What will it look like?

Part 1

Part 2 – All about EASE

Don’t forget the EASE!

Part 3 – Adding Seam Allowance

Adding Seam Allowance

Part 4 – Back Skirt

Part 5 – Pinning the Skirt Pattern Together

Soooo.. how will you do??

Your next task is to recreate your OWN basic skirt pattern using the video tutorials!

You must take pictures of your process
STEP BY STEP, document each part in a picture and create a slide presentation that shows your pattern!

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