Jean Jacket Style Pattern Project – Part 1

First Senior Year project

Seniors are to DRAFT the pattern of the Denim style jacket, which happens to be an ICON fashion piece

I have taken the time to DRAFT the BODICE of this jacket, while making small modifications. Look out for them!

Students are also encouraged to CHANGE IT UP!! Yet only if they feel confident enough to lean on their past experiences with patternmaking and use them to produce a more CREATIVE pattern. REMEMBER, you MUST REDRAW the design IF you are changing it significantly.

Here goes nothing……
ALSO!! Ms. Chavez made a booboo or 2!! So watch the vids FIRST, then apply what you see!

Introduction to Drafting the Bodice
Drafting the Bodice – Separating the Bodice Sections
Drafting the Back Bodice
Drafting the Sleeve

Now to turn them into PATTERNS

Starting the Pattern of the Bodice
Stop and Reflecting on the design!!
Turning the Bodice Draft into a Pattern
Adding the Ease and Dropping the Armholes
Determining the HEMS of the Pattern pieces
Continuation of Patterns
Checking the Accuracy of the Sides
Completing the One Piece Yoke
Complete Bodice Pattern Product
Removing the DRAFT from the PATTERN
And the BODICE is DONE!!

Stay TUNED for the SLEEVE!!

DO take pictures of your PROCESS
DO save all of your work in your digital folder
DON’T forget the NOTCHES
DON’T procrastinate

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