Checking your Patterns

Once you have your pattern pieces, what next?
BEFORE YOU CUT THEM OUT, answer these questions:

  • 1 – Is your SEAM ALLOWANCES in on all sides of each pattern?
  • 2 – Are your NOTCHES in? How do you know what line goes to what line?
  • 3 – Measure the lines that GO TOGETHER, do they match?
  • 4 – Are your GRAINLINES in?
  • 5 – Are the identifying labels in, example CF, CB, Princess Front, Collar, Cut #?

Once you have gone through that checklist AND you have answered YES to all THEN you can CUT OUT AND PIN TOGETHER.

Aaaaand if a Pattern Piece does not LOOK GOOD?

Correcting the Collar

Now let’s see what yours looks like!!

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