Feeling the Grains


Did you get all of that??

Got your 9 x 9 SQUARE of Muslin? or 10 x 10?
Did you take the picture of it WITH the SELVAGE on?
Here’s an Example!

Next Step

You will need to press it and you will need a sharp pencil and a ruler

  • Draw in your Bias Grain Line
  • Pull ONE Length Grain – RUNS PARALLEL to the selvage you tore off
    • Measure about 1 inch away from the edge
  • Pull ONE Cross Grain – RUNS PERPENDICULAR to the selvage
    • Measure about 1 inch away from the edge

Next Step

Remember to LABEL your grains CORRECTLY – Lengthwise Grain runs PARALLEL to Selvage (which you removed) AND Crosswise Grain runs PERPENDICULAR to Selvage

Once you are done, take a picture and store it in your Class Folder
You will be graded for this task!

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