They ARE Sui Generis

Fashion High has a class for seniors that KNOW they will move forward with FASHION as their college focus.

When I began the class a couple of years ago, I named them SUI GENERIS

What does that mean?

su·i ge·ne·ris

/ˌso͞oˌī ˈjenərəs,ˌso͞oē/


  1. unique.

The goal was for them to prepare for the industry that is fashion in a post-secondary setting. They were informed of the HARD HITTING, NO APOLOGIES, INTENSE curriculum that would await them.. and THAT did NOT stop them from not only applying but SUCCEEDING.

These students are levels above and apart from our other students and their work says it all.

This video is a love letter created by them.

Today this class is headed by an amazingly dedicated teacher that embodies the endurance of this same industry.

Thank you to our Outstanding Instructor, Alumni Brenda Rojas.

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