New York City Teen FASHION Week

Many of our students enter our decades, almost century old institution with the dream of becoming a fashion designer as famous as Coco Chanel, or maybe humbly, a more modern designer like the ‘next’ Narciso Rodriguez. Whether it be either, both share the same beginnings of many of our students, they came from very little.

After four years, our fashion design students take different routes. As their adolescent personalities discover more and more about their own identities, they may decide, justly so, that Fashion as a career is not for them. Some may realize that they are creative yet not in the needle trades, or some may decide to explore another field completely different from the one they began. Such is the story of HSFI Alumnus Tiffany Barlow, whose interest started in Fashion Merchandising and now is studying Pre Law.

Yet for the few, whom for which Fashion High only served as the ignition to their passion for Fashion Design, these four years are ONLY THE BEGINNING!

At Fashion High those few are in their blissful surroundings, their second home, encircled by kindred spirits that understand what they feel, because they love what they love and to see them at work, from an adults perspective can inspire hope in humanity. The vicious competition that stenches the industry has not set in, their adolescent need to want to belong and loved propels them to help each other.

Its a hopeful sight in today’s malicious world.

And just imagine, aside from all they learn, the peaks they can climb towards their final elevation, when their High School introduces them to a professional Fashion Show just for Teens! and showcased the same weeks as New York Fashion Week!

Eight of our Seniors did just that!








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DO – Pursue your Passion with FERVOR

Don’t – Believe that it’s too late nor that you have all of the time in the world

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