Outside of our Comfort Zone

It has come to my attention how darkness is not always negative. Growth happens beneath the earth, in the absence of light, where seeds are sewn and the cultivating begins.

The seedling cracks through with imagined pain in order to push through the dirt towards the sunlight in order to one day bare fruit or not.. the process is what is important to note. Like life we begin with small steps familiar to all, lived by all, from the first breath to the first failure, whatever that may be, yet the important thing is to keep going.

This happens every day and the more it is done, the more it is the norm. So what if the predestined road was not your route to your destination? What if you are destined for more than what you were told?

How do we, with fear step outside of our comfort zone?

I began my journey in my young adult years, BELIEVING I was going to teach at an early age. That wasn’t the case, a catastrophic failure took me outside of my comfort zone and I went as far as moving to the other side of the world to get away from all that was familiar, yet teaching happened to still be my destination, it just took more LIVING in order to become a better teacher.

Today I subconsciously surround myself with this unique sort of people, the Webster dictionary classifies them as entrepreneurs. They dare to not only see themselves in a different light, they enter it, they absorb it, like the seedling that needs it to grow. They use it like nourishment and grow. They fulfill their purpose and by doing so, they allow the community to grow.

I have joined this one truly remarkable entity that has as its mission to be a fueling agent between designers and tangible success. Black Fashion World seeks to be the connection of knowledge, resources, and a networking web for primarily under served, underrepresented, unsung Black and Brown designers. In a multi-million dollar industry, only 1% of the designers fit that group and according to BFW’s founder Carla Nelson, ‘It is time to be part of the solution.’

April Walker of Walker Wear is a legend and a fitting example of entrepreneurial success. She shared her insightful wisdom as the guest speaker to a cocktail fundraiser for BFW in Harlem’s Mintons Playhouse with like minded guests that are a part of the solution. The guest list had established designer’s such as Mr. Wilbur Pack, Jr. of SKWilbur to budding ones, like FIRST IMPRESSIONS, Taide Argelia, whom stepped out of her comfort zone, teaching what she lives for, Fashion. Fashion High hated to see her go, yet how can we stand by and not encourage the growth of one of our own, when this is what we preach and encourage in our youth?

I must say, thanks to those that can dive into the unknown, with inherent fearlessness and tenacious drive, to the complacent, they serve as the much needed example..

the needed push..

the needed nudge..

to step outside of our comfort zone.

BFW April Walker-Carla Nelson
BFW CEO Carla Nelson
BFW April Walker
April Walker

BFW April Walker-ChatBFW April Walker-Audience

BFW April Walker-WilburandVelvet
Wilbur and Velvet
BFW April Walker-NelsonandBroadbelt
Evelyn and Taide

DON’T : Follow the more traveled path towards growth

DO : Dare to discover your PURPOSE

1 thought on “Outside of our Comfort Zone

  1. Taide Broadbelt says:

    Ahh, thank you, Rosa! From day one you have been open, helpful, and encouraging. Thank you for your support. Awesome article. Such an honor to be included.
    Much love ✨✨❤️
    Taide Argelia


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