The Basic Bodice

You may ask – ‘WHY DID WE START WITH THE SKIRT and not the TOP?

There is a simple answer – The SKIRT was SIMPLER!! Even if you may disagree.

Patternmaking is the method of creating patterns for clothing. It is a craft that takes time to master and the best way to begin to understand it, or ANYTHING for that matter is to start in the most simplest of terms.

By now you know how to trace your slopers, modify lines, add design lines, add EASE and WHY you have to add ease, add seam allowance, closing DARTS, ELIMINATING darts!!
You Go PRO!
And ALL OF THIS, because of the SKIRT!

Now comes the BODICE!
The Bodice is more complex BECAUSE THERE IS SOMETHING THERE that doesn’t exist in any other part of the body……. THE BUST!
This will make patternmaking more challenging and FUN!

Part 1 – Beginning the Front

Part 2 – On to the BACK

Part 3 – Adding EASE

Part 4 – Don’t Forget the DART!

Part 5 – Adding Seam Allowance

Part 6 – Pinning the Patterns Together

Finished Bodice Pattern




Remember to TAKE PICTURES of your Process as you begin, continue and conclude your patterns… You GUESSED IT!
A presentation for this Pattern is the next project – You Can Do It!

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