Fashion Illustration Tutoring

If you are interested in fine tuning your Fashion Art skills OR you are a beginner and want to start, HSFI has an awesome alumni Fabian Salazar that offers Fashion Art lessons Tuesday’s or Wednesday’s and Thursday’s for Seniors needing help with their Portfolios.

Fabian graduated 2016 and applied to FIT and Parsons and was accepted to both school’s. He is now a graduate of FIT and gives back to our students by teaching them the do’s and don’ts of Fashion Illustration.

The past three sessions have been recorded. You can see one by clicking on the link to give you an idea of what is covered

The croqui – or YouTube Link of Croqui Session

The tools needed to apply the lesson are pencils, eraser, sharpener, a curved tool, the 10 Head croqui template and LOTS OF DRIVE!

If you are going to print out the template, make sure it is in legal size paper

If you are interested in attending these Fashion Tutoring Hours, reach out to Ms. Chavez – and in your email SPECIFY WHICH DAY you want to attend – remember if you are a Senior, Thursday’s are just for you!

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